The Mongoose and the Iguana


The Crested Iguana is an endangered species of Fiji which may have, as the Fijians themselves did, once travelled from far away, across the Pacific Ocean, to settle on the islands thousands of years ago. In more recent times another traveller from a distant land, the mongoose, has been brought to Fiji to assist in the control of rats infesting the sugar cane elds. The mongoose, along with another introduced species, the goat, have been identified as being the underlying cause for the near extinction of the rare and

unique Crested Iguana of the Fijian Islands.




Short story PDF with 6 A4 printable pages, colour cover and limited colour images on other pages. Suitable for all age groups (preferably older than 7 years due to violence references) exploring themes related to animal conservation in Fiji and the concept of ahimsa. Alternative endings presented for exploration.


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