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Peace-building with care and compassion

Professor Nel Noddings has been an advocate for peace education since the 1980s. Examining our contradictory attitudes and moral codes in relation to war and peace, she discusses in her book- Peace Education: How We Come to Love and Hate War – how and why this conflicting morality persists in today’s world. This prevailing confusion, she suggested, still permeates political thinking and action and infiltrates our educational programmes. It reveals our muddled morality not only at a political level, but within community attitudes towards war and how we are to work to create peace in our everyday lives. She has written extensively about the importance of incorporating ‘an ethics of care’ into any teaching and learning programmes, as one means of tackling this inconsistency.

Nel Noddings’ tireless and highly pertinent research and writings are honoured in the story – Caring Nel – with the hope that it will introduce any story sharers to her ideas and be inspired to become peace-builders.

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