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Moving forward with my dream

It seems it is time to really be moving forward with my dream. But what does that mean? At the website a story guide is now available for downloading. The guide presents peace-building ideas for using the stories with children and young people. It is not a prescriptive guide. My intention is to stimulate some thinking and possible discussions about various issues related to peace-building. It is open ended and hopefully thought provoking. It can be used to help children and young people focus upon building peace in our homes and communities.

There are three very special and inspirational people to acknowledge.

Thank you, Jeanne Moracinni, the founder of The Curriculum of Hope for a Peaceful World, for your wonderful support and for providing a space for an article in the spring newsletter.

Thank you, Dr Jane Goodall and Mary Lewis for your continued support, encouragement and belief in my stories and their purpose.